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Sleep and Relax ASMR is a weekly podcast dedicated to helping you unwind, relax, and (in some cases) get a great night's sleep. Episodes posted every Monday and Wednesday.

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We are Sleep and Relax ASMR, a weekly podcast creating soothing ASMR experiences.

The team here at Sleep and Relax ASMR is a small but wildly passionate group dedicated to helping you explore amazing sounds and experiences to help you relax and fall asleep.

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Ashley Kravec
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Thank you for all that you do! :)

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Thanks so much for your podcast, it is such a help to me! I especially love your rambles and ASM aRticles. 🙏

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You're good!

D bought 5 coffees.

Thank you so much for the awesome content! You’ve SERIOUSLY helped me both fall asleep faster, AND focus at work. (Ps-you’re due for a new let’s eat episode!)