Hog Canyon is located along Hwy 95 south of Hanksville, Utah, but just north of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, so it's close enough to be included in hikes in the area. I've driven by it a hundred times, but this time I felt a need to stretch my legs. It's a short walk/hike to the pool, but as with many canyon trails, it's not just a straightforward walk. Hog Springs is further up the canyon, but I didn't go all the way to the springs. This was just a leg stretch after all, and it's October 24, so it's going dark at 4:00 PM and the days are very short. That night I found a spot to camp right in the steep-walled canyon that Hwy 95 passes through.

Here are some other hikes close by this one: Little Egypt, Slot Canyons & More The Canyons Rim Lower Leprechan Slot Canyon, Dark & Narrow

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