Little did I know that Telegraph Cove, at Lake Mead NRA, NV, was such a popular spot. Apparently, It hasn't always been this crazy. The folks I've talked to said they had a pleasant time there, and it wasn't too busy. But, that was before Covid! It's like the floodgates opened, and some places have seen a frenzy of activity, with people throwing all caution to the wind, and all consideration of others aside, as they desperately seek a place where they can experience the freedom of life outside of four walls. We've seen it on the news, sheer bedlam on beaches, wild alcohol-laden parties, and more. I was astonished by the sheer rudeness of these people, but have since experienced it a few more times, and have come up with a name for these folks in order to make their behavior more acceptable, and easier to forgive. Maybe these folks always behaved this way, I don't know, but I've chosen to put them into the category of folks I now call, The Covid Escapees. I'm also aware that I'm not used to this kind of togetherness, people camping on top of each other, with no respect for other people's comfort zones, but I have noticed it's happening more and more, and even before Covid-19. Perhaps this is inevitable, as overpopulation of the planet increases, young folk in particular, seem to have no problem camping in someone else's comfort zone. I woke one morning to find my camping area had turned into a parking lot, and I could see the pictures my neighbor was scrolling through on his computer (who was in his bed in his car) because, when I looked out of my window I looked directly into his vehicle, and I even knew his name. Imagine the look on his face when I said good morning to him by his name and asked if he'd had a good day bouldering? It was priceless.