Warning! If you are afraid of deep, dark, enclosed spaces, you might not want to join me on this little adventure. It's a simple fact that as a person gets older, finding new things to do gets harder. The statement "been there, done that" pops into our brains more often. I'm 58-years young, and I'm not ready to settle into a big armchair and call it a day, yet! I'm also only 5' tall, and I'm a woman traveling alone. However, I'm not going to let it stop me. I'll still do what I can, even though it is more limited. When I learned about Pisgah Crater by watching these big strong, young, outdoorsy type males exploring them and sharing their explorations on YouTube, I got all excited (not about the men), I wanted to explore those lava tubes. And I did! So if a short, gray-haired, 58-year-old woman on her own can do it, so can YOU!