Many sections of the border between US and Mexico already had a wall prior to the Trump Presidency, but there were stretches that didn't have any fortress-like barriers. One such section was at the San Pedro International Riparian Area, just south of Sierra Vista, AZ. This natural wildlife corridor is an essential migratory path for wildlife, including the endangered jaguar, and many more species. After the wall was built, I heard some folks talking about how there was a mating pair of jaguars that had been separated by the wall. It broke my heart. But then I saw an image of a mountain lion sitting atop the wall. I don't know if it was real or photo-shopped, but it gave me a teeny bit of hope for the jaguars. Like the illegal immigrants, where there is a will, there's a way. I visit this section of The Wall, where it cuts across the San Pedro River, which flows from Mexico into the US, with a lady who lives right at the border, and while we are at The Wall, we bump into a couple of other locals. It was a very interesting experience, made all the more interesting by the border residents.