It's time to explore an outdoor museum of petroglyphs, pictographs, and Native American ruins along Comb Ridge, also known as Butler Wash, which is located near Bluff, Utah, on Cedar Mesa, in the Bear's Ears National Monument. Most people visit this area as a day trip and visit a couple of the sites before heading back to their hotel, campsite, or home again. Since I don't have anywhere to 'return to', I spent a week along this section of Comb Ridge. In this and the next few videos, I share some of the caves and the intriguing messages written on the stone walls, with you. These sites can all be found online if you wish to come here and see them for yourself. Be warned though, I haven't found any web page that will give you coordinates to the exact trailheads, and I hope nobody ever does that. Even the BLM hasn't put any trailhead markers on these trails, and I'm glad because it makes finding the trailhead more fun. A bit like the old days, before Google and All Trails was invented. Seems like I'm giving my age away now since I can actually refer to the 'old days.' Even 'older' women can enjoy traveling alone and exploring the great outdoors. As long as you can walk, you can do this too!