It's now May 2020, and I've been traveling around since October 2019 when I finished my summer job in the Colorado mountains and returned from a trip to England. After seven months, it's time to head back to the mountains and seek a job for the summer. Covid has made things interesting for the past few months, and I'm not sure what I'll do for a job, but regardless of the uncertainties, I start my drive back towards Colorado. I have to work. I like to work. I don't ask for any help from the Government, no welfare, no food banks, etc. and I'm not entitled to unemployment, so if I don't work, I'll simply starve to death, therefore, even during a pandemic, I have no choice. I'm not complaining, or whining, in fact, I actually CHOOSE not to ask for food help in order that I can be free. So off I go, and I'm looking forward to it. Truth is, I could have driven back to Colorado in two days, but those of you that follow me regularly, know that I rarely hurry. I spend the next week or so getting back to my beloved mountains, and that is going really fast for me. LOL. I sure hope you'll join me on this beautiful journey. (ps. This video took five hours to upload, please watch it to the end). Thanks.