The Bear Lake trailhead in Rocky Mountain National Park is the busiest trailhead and parking lot in the park. It sees millions of visitors a year, most of them in the summer. My job there was very simple, I sold stuff to visitors who were caught off-guard by the weather or trail conditions, or realized that their sunscreen was still in their hotel room, and a few fun items like stickers as souvenirs.

The part I enjoyed most was helping people with their trail choices, and helping them find their way around the park. The smiles on their faces as they came off the trail, was well worth the effort. I loved the energy of the place, and being in an outdoor environment. For a person like myself, it was far preferable to being stuck inside a big store somewhere.

Will I return to Bear Lake in 2022? it's doubtful. I'm ready for a change in venue, and perhaps somewhere a little bit quieter. Perhaps my age is finally catching up with me? LOL. If you have the ideal job in mind for me, why not make a suggestion in the comments section below. I hope you enjoy this video.