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Hey there, I’m Alexis! I'm a low carb living, Cuban and Puerto Rican, living in Seattle, Washington with my husband and pup. I serve as a brand + web designer for fellow entrepreneurs by day, find joy in sharing my low carb recipes, and am a pure perfectionist. Coffee is what helps me thrive and get #allthethings done! 

Beth/Little Ray of Sunshine
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Thank you for all your help! "Hope your day is Full of Perks!"

Thank you so much, Sharon! 😊 

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Thanks for your help!  Enjoy a drink on me!  

You're quite welcome! Thank you for the treat. ☺️ 

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Thank you Alexis, for all of your help! Enjoy!

Thank you so much, Linda! Much appreciated, I enjoyed a coffee today. 😊 

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As a fellow PNW'er we do need our coffee! Enjoy

It's so true! Thank you so much, Kelly. ❤️