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If you've landed here, its probably because you were using Google Drive Backup.  I write and maintain this addon as a gift to the community, but if you would like me to be compensated for that effort, then boy-oh-boy do I have news for you!  You can use the links on this page to GIVE ME YOUR MONEY.  What will happen when you do this?  Will it encourage me to devote more time to writing practical, quality, and useful software projects for the home automation community?  Maybe instead once I've had a taste of YOUR MONEY, I'll put up paywalls and nag you with popups to upgrade to the *Premium* backup experience as I race us toward the depths of a capitalist dystopia!

Only you can decide, and only with YOUR MONEY.  Lets let the MARKET FORCES guide our fates!

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Cheers m8

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Loving your Google Backup system. It's saved me on a couple of occasions. I figure that's worth at least a cup of coffee.

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Great plugin!  Really saved me a lot pain and suffering when I needed to perform a DR.