Simple flats
Quick, flat color doodle on a white background of a character of your choice! Simple props included in price. Please have reference images for your character. (Base price is waist-up, one character)
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Simple flats

Please include any applicable reference images for your character, ideal contact info for delivery/questions, and any other information you want to provide for the commission (Any specific pose, expression, or outfit? Any props?).

I WILL DRAW: Humanoid characters, fanart, original characters, nudity, suggestive art, gore
I WON'T DRAW: NSFW/fetish art, furries, overly complex machinery, bigoted art

- For OCs, have visual reference for your character. This can be a drawn reference, a photo collage, or anything like that I can work off of.
- I won't make any major changes to the art once I begin the lineart process.
- The higher the price, the more time it will take me to complete your request.
- I don't work deadlines due to fluctuations in health. As a result, commissions often take me over a month to complete. Please keep this in mind when commissioning me.
- Prices may vary depending on complexity of character, props (simple props are free of charge), or other factors.

By paying for my services, you acknowledge that I still hold the rights to the art I create (not necessarily the characters depicted, however). As the commissioner, you are allowed to use the artwork for personal purposes, such as posting the art on social media with proper credit given to the artist. You are not allowed to use the art for commercial purposes (a.k.a. making money off of it in any way) unless previously agreed upon, nor take credit for its creation.

I reserve the right to cancel the commission at any time for any reason and will refund you the full price in the event that I do. If you wish to cancel the commission yourself, I will only give a partial refund in order to make up for the time I spent working on it.
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