First of all, I'm so honoured you're here checking out what this little corner I've made for my most dedicated friends & followers is.
This website basically works like Patreon or OnlyFans. Except you don't have to create an account and verify your payment methods, or feel weird about being on a site with quite a bit of racy content (although I might be sharing some sets from more risqué shoots that can't share on platforms such as Instagram as well)

As the name of this website suggests, the money I receive from people buying access to content I post will mainly go to my daily coffee addiction, but it will also help me fund my creative endeavours. Meaning I'll be able to keep my gear up and running, pay models, makeup artists and assistants to work on my personal projects and just produce better quality images and films in general.
If the images are from a collaborations in which no money exchanged hands, I will give the model's featured in the images a cut of any income I receive.

How does the content you share here differ from what you post on Instagram?
Valid question. I don't expect you to pay for content you can see for free on instagram or my website. So the goal is to give people exclusive access to the full set of images and/or videos from shoots that I don't or can't share anywhere else. And a deeper look into my creative process:
- images that don't make it through my final selection round
- uncensored versions (with the model's consent)
- previews of works in progress
(and if this proves to be popular)
- editing videos / photography tutorials etc.
- access to behind the scenes livestreams
- exclusive discounts on shoots and prints (and maybe some merch?)

So if you like what I do and want to support the art I put 110% of my energy in, consider shouting me a coffee or two now and then to help me continue crafting content that I pour my heart and soul into.

I honestly appreciate your support so much 🙏
My inbox is open to anyone who has any questions or just wants to chat!<29>[email protected]

Much love,