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Advocate for health and safety on production sets through education, collaboration, and action.

As we usher into a new era after the impact of COVID-19, it's even more important than ever to ensure we create the safest environment possible to protect everyone in the production industry. We are a collective of industry leaders creating a collaborative resource to increase safety measures from pre to post-production.

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Appreciate the refresher of Covid-19 information. 17/17 woohoo! Looking to be an amazing CCO.

mike spradley
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Wow, I'm certified in Level A and B! Plus certified through Health Education Services, too! And I'm a Safety Specialist at work. Your courses are very thorough! I feel very prepared to be the on set C19CO! You will get us through this! Add me to your database, I'm fired up and ready to go! Got your masks, too!

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