Nov 13, 2022

Good Morning Sunshine!

Oct 23, 2022


I have been closely monitoring my electricity useage - it is not much in terms of Kw/hrs but at a rate of £0.89 per Kw/hr I am looking at a monthly bill of £39 plus £4 service charge. I cannot afford this so I have to get a move on with connecting the solar panels and the wind turbine. At this time of year there is much less solar power - shorter days and very few cloudless skies. Wind will be the most effective power source but I still cannot figure out how to mount the... more

Oct 15, 2022

Getting Into A Routine

I need to form habits.More accurately I need to get into a few routines onboard.Today I have spent far too long browing the News and YouTube on my laptop. It is amazing how quickly time passes when surfing the net.I have some work to do today - mainly the dreaded insulation to chase the condensation gradualy out of the boat. It is working so it is worth putting the effort into it. I have one roll of Thermawrap left so when that is gone I won't be able to do any more unless I can get hold... more


Oct 13, 2022

Great Morning!

Oct 02, 2022

Free Heat Thanks to Outbaker Stoves!

Sep 25, 2022

Episode 18 up and running!
Episode 19 published!
Episode 19 - Extra Footage
Episode 20 - Extra Footage
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