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Saint Helena Island Info ( is a completely free-to-use website all about St Helena, the island in the South Atlantic Ocean (see to find out exactly where). 

The aim of the site is to provide all the latest and most accurate information about St Helena, covering its history, culture, places to visit, food & drink, nature and activities to enjoy, with information on how to visit, where to stay and related travel information.  As at October 2022 the site had 264 pages, of which 246 were information pages and 14 were Community pages. There were 8757 images, 155 audio files, 12 video files and 180 pdf files.  More content is continuously being added. See to learn more about the site and its history.

To optimise the user experience Saint Helena Island Info does not carry advertising, its fundamental costs (domain name, hosting, etc.) being provided by a sponsor.

Many people have praised the site and asked if they can contribute.  And now they can!

Please do not feel any obligation to make a contribution.    Saint Helena Island Info is not, and was never intended to be a money-making venture.  But if you feel you want to, please support us in any way you can. Even if you don’t contribute financially PLEASE tell all your friends about the site, post links on social media, and generally help us remain the leading independent site about the island of St Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean.