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Trying to get back to motion tracing

Trying to get back to motion tracing

Feb 15, 2020

So, in 2017 or whatever, my laptop at the time self-imploded on itself and lost ALL my data projects I had started in 2015. It took me two years to get about a 1.5 minute animations for a lot of groups I respect. That stupid blow left me unmotivated to continue as I took every precaution to not lose progress due to MMD crashing, it wasn't expected that my hard drive would just ..lose them. OH WELL. Fast forward 5 years later and I think I've been studying better ways of animating for myself, just doing a test. What you think? the first 1000 frames of I NEED U is tremendously easy and misleading, but I think I'll have this motion up at some point, here :D

Any ways, enjoy my little preview of what I'm currently working on :)

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