Top 10 Metaverse Projects

Dec 10, 2021

Metaverse that term it was coined by science fiction writer Neil Stephenson in his 1992 novel Snow Crash. If you’re a fan of Sci-Fi that probably rings a bell for you so that’s just a little bit of trivia right there.

Here’s the big picture I believe that the crypto Metaverse will become a multi-billion dollar industry. It could honestly be worth that if you just look at the expansion right, the expansion relative to what’s happening in crypto, but also what’s happening to online gaming.

If you just look at online gaming it’s already worth nine figures. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry and it’s only growing even more every single year, and then if you look at other businesses different industries that are connected to it there’s a lot of potential.

I’m going to give you the 10 crypto Metaverse projects that I believe you should know right now. I’m not saying that you should buy the tokens related to it that you should invest in it, but if you want to understand more about all of the stuff that’s happening. These are things you should know it’s perfect for beginners, and if you’re experienced in the space then this is a good refresher for you.

These are the top Metaverse projects mostly by market cap, but I’m also throwing some additional projects in here that are worth understanding there’s a lot of just focus on gaming, media, and entertainment. I’ve mentioned this in previous posts, but I’m going to keep on mentioning this in the future. This is a really big segment, and I really think that you should pay attention to it.

Let’s go through this stuff again these are just brief teasers on all of this and then highly recommend that you do your own research.


This is technically been around since 2015, but it got more publicity starting from around 2017. I’m just showing the dates here it’s not necessarily when it was founded, it’s mostly when people started to talk about it a bit more, and the other reason I’m putting the dates in here is to really show you visually that you’re really early in the space.


A lot of these projects they haven’t been around even for more than a few years. The ones that I’m talking about right here they’ve been around for four or five years.

Decentraland obviously one of the older ones but the other ones there’s a lot that have been launched this year so I’m trying to really stress the point right here. You’re very early.

Especially for the crypto Metaverse you’re really really early, so don’t ever think that you’re late. There’s always a lot of time to get in in whatever way you want if you just want to play or if you want to Axie make some money in this there’s a lot of potential here.

Decentraland why is it special the first and most established Metaverse built on the Ethereum blockchain.

MANA that’s your token, so MANA is burned or spent in exchange for land parcels. Land is a non-fungible digital asset maintained in an Ethereum smart contract. This is a really big thing right there is going to be a finite amount of land relative to all of these different worlds that are being built lands worlds, galaxies, universes, alternate realities, and if it gets more popular there’s gonna be a lot more demand.

If you’re looking at the financial aspect of it it could be a good investment for you. I’m going to talk about more what you can do in terms of investment opportunities in future posts, because this is an entirely different topic but that’s what you should know about Decentraland.

This is divided into a total of 90,000 parcels of land. They had pre-sale rounds a while ago it sold out in hours. It was like three to five hours everything pretty much just sold out they did it in spurts right they just did it back to back essentially a lot of demand for this.

I consider Decentraland to be the classic, OG player of the Metaverse whenever you’re doing research in this if you just really go back in time Decentraland pops up a lot. I’m putting this on your radar so you really understand what they’re doing here, it’s always going to be referred to as one of the early players in the space.

What’s the other one again these are no particular order it’s just when I did the notes and how I compiled it there’s no preference I’m giving to any of this stuff.

2. The Sandbox

Really got big in 2019 and then of course it got more popular lately why is it special well the founders they come from an IOS, Android App background they come from that World, and I think this is really special because it could signal a new shift from mobile app gaming to Metaverse gaming.


I know that there’s a lot of people that play mobile app games, of course everyone plays. It you know at least someone who plays it maybe you play it yourself, I believe that we’re just at the beginning of actually transitioning mobile app users to Metaverse app users, and then of course they can go into VR headsets, desktop, consoles things like tha,t but there’s a big user base very active.

They spend a lot of money that’s in the mobile app community the Sandbox founders they understand that industry very well and I think that’s a big advantage for them.

What’s the token SAND, it allows you to buy and sell lands and assets in the Sandbox Metaverse there will only ever be 166 464 lands available which can be used to host games build multi-player experiences create housing or offer social experiences to the community.

I would say that the difference between how they actually did some of this pre-sale stuff or they just auction this off right. It was different compared to decentraland because they did it in more of a rollout phase, so you had more of a chance, or I would say that objectively more people had more time to actually buy land in Sandbox compared to Decentraland.

Tat’s one difference I believe that you can actually still buy some in Sandbox right now, so highly recommend that you check that one out.

3. Axie Infinity

What’s the next one? Axie Infinity, this has been making a lot of waves lately a lot of people have been talking about it right. Why is it special?


I believe that they really made play to earn plus NFT gaming a lot more popular. They weren’t the first to do it there were a lot of other brands and games and different types of platforms that did it, but if you’re looking at anything that’s play to earn, plus NFT, plus gaming, plus Metaverse, plus crypto, and you want to know what’s really popular what kind of started it, earlier in the year or kind of the year before that it’s Axie Infinity.

A lot of those early gamers they understand why it’s popular because they were having a lot of fun Axie interacting with people in the game.

The other reason why it’s really important is because I mean everyone wants to know what the next actually is what’s the next one, because a lot of people who invested in this just the token AXS, they made a lot of gains. I’m going to tell you right now that there’s going to be a lot more axes in the future you just have to pay attention.

Here’s some other games that are popular and I’m sure if you’re heavily involved in the space you’re playing at least one of these there’s Genshin, Mt DeFi Pets, Vulcan, Forged games. They have a lot of games Illuvium, Splinterlands, CryptoBlades, Chain Games. They have a lot of games too Ember Sword, Seedify projects, and other blockchain gaming launch pads.

This is just the list of what’s popular right now, and I’m sure I missed some that some people are playing right now, if I did then leave a comment on what you’re playing, but again I’m not giving any preference to this these are just the ones that keep on popping up. I’ve talked about this in previous posts, but they just keep on popping up because there’s loyal users, right there’s loyal communities built around this and that’s one of the best things you want for any type of game that you’re building.

4. Cryptovoxels

2018, there’s probably some people watching this right now who know this, or maybe you’re still even visiting this right now. Why is it special?


I consider this to be a cult classic any online users especially, if you come from the old forum days. You’ve really been part of the whole online world a while back. This is the interface that kind of brings you back, it’s very old school it’s very simple but that’s why people like it too.

Early Opensea users may also remember this too, because there were some auctions that also were on Opensea around that time frame as well.

Cryptovoxels what is it right, it’s a virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain. The city is called Origin City. You can actually play it right now, you can find random Easter eggs from random online creators, seriously if you go in there you’re just gonna see a bunch of old school looking, pixel walkthroughs. But that’s kind of what you like to see, especially if you’ve been part of the gaming world for a really long time.

Decade ago this is what the gaming standard was back then, and it’s kind of one of those cult communities that I really think you should at least know about. I’m not saying that you should actively participate in it right now, but you should definitely know about it alright.

5. Starlink

What’s the next one Starlink this has become really popular lately, and I still think they’re just getting started why is it special though?


This is just the pure representation of the power of a dev in her community, who’s the dev. Woof Decentra Woof, she’s helped behind the scenes and she’s been a part of SHIBA, LEASH, and also lately DOONT BUY.

If you understand what she’s trying to build, there’s a lot of just direct references to anything Elon Musk is doing with Starlink of course, and just that whole community right there. They’re trying to build something in the Metaverse that’s really different than what a lot of people thought she was gonna do.

She’s building a huge ecosystem, and I think that the fact that this is even popular right now, it’s because obviously there’s people who made money off of the tokens that she’s been a part of like SHIBA, LEASH, and of course Starlink if you’ve been in early, but it shows the power of a dev if she has a really strong community.

You can always have new buyers come in and new supporters, maybe even not financially anything that she’s creating her and her team they’re gonna join.

Doesn’t even have to be financially incentivized a lot of people of course that’s one of the main objectives, but if you just want to be part of what she’s building it’s something pretty special. She’s not wasting her time.

If you’ve been doing stuff like this for a while in crypto and you have the mind to even conceptualize something to this stage then even for her own sake she’s not going to be doing something that’s just anything less than exceptional.

What’s the token here, STARL. you can buy sell and trade virtual satellites, spacecraft, and land while exploring the solar system so again this is just really going into space that’s what we’re doing.

6. Decentral Games

Let’s keep going so Decentral Games. Why is this special?


The first community-owned Metaverse Casino. There have been many other ones besides this but I would say Decentral Games is probably one of the ones that first really made a serious attempt at actually making this an ecosystem, making this a reality in the Metaverse. We can play poker, blackjack, roulette, slots.

It’s basically for people who are DG, extra DGs. You’re doing a very DG thing with something that’s already kind of DG, crypto trading so this is the ultimate. If you’re part of this world then you’re probably having a lot of fun in crypto.

Players earn DG that’s a token for playing games with the DG DAO, you own the Casino, so technically you’re also the house too this is kind of meta in its own sense. You control the profits vote for new games and you decide on feature proposals. There’s a lot of really casino-type games in the Metaverse, whether that’s poker, whether that’s even something like horse racing. Horse racing is a massive industry by the way. If you go to Asia massive industry.

You should definitely read into that I might even make a post on just that it’s that popular, and there’s also other stuff right there’s sports betting as well. There’s so many things that you can bet on right they’re just combining crypto here they’re one of the names that you should know. Not saying that they’re the best I’m just saying that they laid a very strong foundation.


What about Rfox Vault, why is it special?

Website: and

It brings retail shopping into the Metaverse, this was created by RedFOX Labs. They call themselves Southeast Asia’s first blockchain venture builder. They have two tokens the RFOX token that’s the primary payment method for land and digital assets and VFOX token that’s a rewards-based token.

Why do I think this is very special? I’m not saying that they’re the best but I’m saying that you are definitely gonna start seeing a lot of fashion houses, a lot of streetwear companies a lot of entrepreneurs. They’re gonna have retail stores in the Metaverse. I’m not saying that that’s their only store they’ll probably have a physical store too to complement it, but you’re going to be able to shop in the Metaverse, and there’s going to be a lot of incentives to do it, there’s going to be discounts exclusive drops.

You’re going to be able to actually interact with the creators, the founders, and also see the community. It’s really for people who obviously are physically into the whole world of fashion, but now you can have even more of it there’s infinite possibilities in the Metaverse. Technically you can create multiple galleries, multiple stores, and it can change every day. Think about it.

What if every time you visited the store it just changed. That shirt that you want it or that jacket that you want it was only available for that time frame one hour. tTat’s what’s gonna be big, very exclusive.

8. Bit Country

What about Bit Country, why is it special?


You can start your own Metaverse 3D world, social tokens, NFTs games, etc. A lot of people forget that hey you can actually start your own Metaverse, if you like this stuff so much you can actually do it, and this is one of the platforms that are gonna allow you to do it.

Metaverse hub of Polkadot that’s what they’re calling themselves Polkadot in general I still believe it’s massively underrated, they have a long way to go but this is one of the projects, there’s a lot of projects on a lot of blockchains, but I’m just giving this as an example.

Their token NUUM. I believe their airdrop is starting at the end of the month, what’s the point of it, very similar to other types of tokens right in this space minting and backing social token buying spot on the Continuum trading bit, which is based material and staking.

There’s a lot of benefits to actually having it’s not just for financial gains, there’s gonna be a lot of reasons for you to hold tokens for any of these. These are gonna be the keys for you to actually get access that’s very important .I’ll talk about that more in future posts.

9. Star Atlas

Star Atlas pretty new they started to really build their community right now. Why is it special?


Massively multiplayer online game MMOs, if you’ve been fans of MMOs there’s been so many in the past, now you can play one in the Metaverse, it’s called Star Atlas coming soon

Real-time graphics technology using unreal Engine 5’s Nanite, allows for cinematic quality video game visual, so if you’ve ever been part of games that use unreal engine that you know how good it can look. It’s objectively a lot better than some other games out there, it’s gonna be a really good visual game.

Seriously you could probably just enter the game the Metaverse and you’re just gonna stand there and just look at everything. That’s how good they’re gonna probably make it I have no idea obviously, because it’s just a lot of previews, but it could be a lot of good stuff. Built on Solana blockchain I’ve mentioned Solana, I think it still has a lot of growth potential.

Two tokens ATLAS and POLIS is the DAO starting August 26 2021, which is available on FTXRaydium, and Apollo-X.

They’re going to host the sale of these tokens keep in mind though that these aren’t offered in the U.S., if you’re based in here you can’t do this stuff anymore, but if you’re outside of the U.S. then just giving you a heads up if you’re interested in this then you can just get in on this stuff early. It could be a chance for you to at least keep track of Star Atlas and what they’re doing.

10. NetVRK

Here’s the last one, NetVRk. Why is it special?


They’re trying to make VR mainstream, or more mainstream they’re calling themselves a social VR platform. It’s kind of like ready player one, the whole style of that if you’ve been a fan of that series this is one of the companies the crypto projects that are trying to do this in the space.

What’s the potential here the global augmented and virtual reality market, it’s expected to reach 815 billion dollars that’s the value by 2025, it’s just continuously growing every single year. A lot of people are getting into this, even if you don’t know someone who’s personally wearing a VR headset.

They’re starting to really market this a lot more, and they’ve finally figured out that the best way to do this is to probably expand out into the crypto audience, because they’re very loyal there, and there’s a lot more potential than just using regular dollars.

The NETVRK token, you can use it to buy assets land ad space generate NFTs and staking, very similar to other stuff. You’re going to see a lot of opportunities to buy exclusive land. That could seemingly be worth a lot more money you’re going to see a lot more brands in there a lot of ad revenue. There’s going to be a lot of billboards, digital billboards, different placements stickers, NFTs of a lot of companies that have never done any crypto advertising before start doing that. Not only in NetVRk but in everything else I just talked about that’s how early you are.

Somnium Space is also another popular one they’ve been around for a few years. I can’t mention every single project in this space because there’s too many, but this is a really good foundation for you to work off right now alright.

What’s Next?

What’s next this is something I strongly believe in the Metaverse will create a new generation of something called crypto treasure hunters, who will play build own and monetize their virtual experiences. These treasure hunters will become powerful micro influencers. I’ll talk about this more in future posts.

I believe that the crypto Metaverse presents one of the best opportunities. In every aspect financially, socially in terms of just everything an ecosystem. For you to get in super early. Even if you don’t want to become an influencer a micro influencer, you’re going to be a micro influencer. There’s going to be different ways that it’s just naturally going to happen and my guess is that you’re gonna like it, because there’s gonna be a lot of rewards not just financially. There’s gonna be a lot of community rewards, and finally there’s gonna be hundreds, thousands of new Metaverse projects over the years, you’re very early enjoy the ride. Read More...

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