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i’m 19 and i’m a small person who's just starting their journey with the scary adult life. sadly, recently things got a little bit messed up for me - i had a severe eye infection and i lost most of the vision in my right eye

so how did this happen?

i’ve been volunteering in an animal shelter in Lithuania for the past 4 months. i came here because of my love for animals - i wanted to help and make a change in this world, make things better for those creatures. i’ve been working there 5 hours per day for the entire quarantine as well, the animals needed me so i did my best to help them.

sadly, one day i brought something more than just love and good vibes from the shelter - my eye got infected with pseudomonas bacteria there. the bacteria multiplied underneath my contact lense incredibly fast, and in just 24 hours i was half blind.

when i came to the hospital, they told me i may loose my entire eyeball. i spent 2 weeks in there, they managed to save my eye and restore a tiny bit of my vision, but the damage is irreversible. i’m 19 and all i will ever see with my right eye is a big hazy blur.

but anyway, i’m trying to stay optimistic, so i really do not need pity. i still have one eye left ;) what i need is help with my financial situation right now. it’s been very difficult to deal with the entire treatment process financially. i’ve been totally financially independent for the past 9 months, but because of my eye i already spent almost 300€, and there is much more to come. at the same time i lost all my savings that were supposed to help me pay my uni tuition and accommodation.

so that’s why i’m asking you - if you have a spare change, please consider donating. i’m not asking for much, every amount will help, cause i am really strugglin now :(


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