Hey, Hola and Huhu! ⛵🌊💙

We Kiki from Cuba and Salsa from Germany, from SV CUBA and we want to share our story with you. For years our love for the ocean has drawn us closer to it but only ever dreamed of sailing the high seas. Coming from humble backgrounds, it took us more than 10 years of planning to buy a sailboat and actually sail her. We had to wedge in many extra hours in the office, live by meticulous financial calculations and had to overcome a lot of obstacles along the way but now we are finally here!

Come along! We want to share uplifting and sometimes silly videos with you, lure you into the sailing lifestyle for 15 minutes at a time 😉, as we move around the globe at the pace of a bicycle. We are in search of adventure while SV CUBA is our permanent home and every day is a challenge since we started off with almost 0 sailing experience. 🙈

I (Salsa) am an absolute Coffee lover and cannot live without it! (my day never starts without a coffee) If you enjoy our story, or if we even managed to make you laugh and forget about the world for 15 minutes with some nice sailing or drone shots, feel free to show us some love by sending us a virtual hot brew to make our day! Sunny Saludos from a coast near you - SV CUBA! 🧡💙💚

P.S. Feel free to leave us a comment or a question and we might answer it in one of our next videos!