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A basic membership will grant you access to the online hero editor. Along with special access to the discord server.
Members will be given access to an online Hero/Enemy Creator (Via WebGL web view)
Members will be given a special Discord Role
Jr Developer
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As a Jr. Developer you will given all Rewards as a Member. In addition you will be granted access to early alpha testing to the game. As well as special a custom in game frame.
Jr Developers will be granted access to early alpha testing of the game.
Jr Developers will be given a custom frame in game.
Sr. Developer
Per month
Sr. Developers get access to all the rewards as Members and Jr Developers. In addition they are granted special access to in game assets/art. Along with a special starter pack at the global launch of the game.
Sr. Developers are granted special access to in game assets/art
Sr. Developers are given a special starter pack at global launch

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Have you ever wanted to have your ideas implemented in a real, live, online mobile game? Well now you can in this brand-new, community-driven game, with heroes, enemies, stories, game modes, skills, dungeons, and more. We are Samanda Games, an Indy game developer that has been working on this project for several months, a real time "castle defense" Idle hero collector driven by community input. So far, we've made a basic structure of gameplay and sample hero of each class type. Take a look around and watch the #demos to experience the game yourself, then come join us in our effort to make the next big Idle hero collector!

Nearly a year ago, I set out on a journey to create a game of my own. I wanted it to be a fun and exciting experience for many, a game that could be picked up and understood quickly. After spending months finishing my first, fully complete game, I took a step back and thought about what worked and what didn't. It was simple to pick up and play but it was too simplistic, and so, I spent time working on a new game concept, recognizable, but not a clone. I've always loved Tower Defense games growing up and decided to give them a more modern aesthetic. That's why I decided to make a Castle Defense-style Idle Hero Collector, with the real-time playstyle of a Castle Defense, hero summoning, and an upgrading system with many quality-of-life systems for the modern mobile gamer.