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When I was little, the world made sense to me when I drew it on paper.

I’d lose hours copying my comics, making buildings and whole towns out of a ream of scrap paper, felt tips, and sellotape.  Discarded paper from my mum’s typewriter was pure gold dust, reigning down from the clattery loud machine.

Birthday gifts consisted of pens, pencils, and paper and I treasured them -  the exciting feeling of an undisturbed notebook. 

A trip to the stationers each September for a new school pencil case, rubber, ruler, and pencils was heavenly.  

My training took me to Winchester, then Edinburgh Colleges of Art, it was a long bumpy ride getting going on this marvellous career.

I’ve been painting, drawing, and printmaking now for 30 years. In 2000, I opened my own art gallery in Clapham Common where I met and sold the work of some 80 other artists with my then business partner.  

I loved working with other artists on projects and selling their work, new ideas in development always came back to drawing.

Enabling creativity in others is important to me.  I teach drawing to help others refind creative mojo’s.  

Over the years I’ve taught thousands of people to draw both online and in person.  New careers have sprung up for my students and I am beyond proud of all of them.  

My favourite person to work is someone new to drawing after years of not having done so - it’s never, ever too late to join in and get going again - in fact, the older you are, the better they will be.

Thank you for reading my introduction, it’s lovely to meet you.  Don’t forget to join my mailing list -  I’d love to keep in touch.

Much love, Sam x