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POLL: Next BuyMeACoffee Pick-A-Card

POLL: Next BuyMeACoffee Pick-A-Card

Jan 13, 2022

Which Pick-A-Card would you like to have that's a BuyMeACoffee EXCLUSIVE?

These are my ideas:

A) What do your spirit guides want you to know? 🐟

B) What blessings are coming toward you in the spring?🌼

C) what's coming up for you in the spring?🌸

D) What do you need to know at this moment?🔮

E) Self-Care and Self-Love💕

F) Something else, suggest in comments🌤️

Put your answer in emoji or letter in the comments! If no one answers I will randomly choose one! You may choose more than one!

In the meantime, I'm going to do a mini Pick-A-Card reading on Instagram/Facebook! Be sure you're following me at and on Facebook

Much love 💕 and gratitude! 🙏

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