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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee! Many thanks from Sam in Melbourne. 

True Arrow exists to spark debate on contemporary, tough issues and provide direction for life's complex questions.

Sam does this by creating video content that is educational and provides a unique point of view. Maybe one day, I will once again tour exceptional speakers from around the world, who offer solutions that will help humanity thrive, not perish.

Sam is passionate about what he's bringing to the table; passionate about joining you on a journey towards what's really best for society and our future together; passionate about sifting through all the false ideology out there and aiming for truth.

Sam McClelland, Founder:
Sam was a professional guitarist and music teacher. After teaching in international schools in Communist Vietnam and traditional Kyoto, Japan, Sam returned to teach in Australia, where he was confronted by the strong ideological messages being pushed on students in schools. Sam recognised that here was a significant need for truth, in a world swimming with false and destructive ideals. He was driven to create True Arrow Events, and started by single-handedly organising Dr. Jordan Peterson's sold-out, debut Australian speaking tour in 2018.

Help Sam fire back with reason:
Democracy relies on informed citizens having and stating opinions publicly. As part of the True Arrow community, you will connect with others who are yearning to challenge the apparent consensus, develop informed and independent opinions, and stand united in the face of those who silence, ridicule and condemn anyone who stands against the status quo.

Sam needs your help to grow; to currently justify spending many hours filming, editing, researching and trying to figure out why I can't monetize certain videos on YouTube and to spread the need for truth as far and wide as possible. Your donation will help Sam continue on his mission and to reach more people and keep up this necessary debate.

Whatever your capacity, Sam invites you to join him in creating meaningful, positive, nation-wide change.

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