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Fake News. Edition 2.

Dec 03, 2021

Howdy folks,

Well, what a disappointment it was to see such a result this week. It amazes me how many people I see who have no idea about what's going on. They also seem to think that only thousands are turning up to these protests.

So I made another Fake News video (split into two parts). I had to watch many hours of mainstream news just to make sure this video was accurate. Wow! I am happy to not do that for a while. Media are guilty as sin when it comes to these last twenty or so months. GUILTY AS SIN!

Anyway, a big day tomorrow as I'll be filming again (with a new tripod to keep the time-lapse shots clean) in the CBD at midday and then I'm heading to Ballarat on Sunday for the Eureka Protest at 2 pm, starting at the Civic Hall.

Keep your chins up, your chests out and be proud to be Australian!




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