Dear Coffee Supporter,

I think there are very important untold stories and some investigations to be done surrounding these floods. Would you like me to head there and report on the aftermath? I will then head to Brisbane to cover the 15-17th rally against the proposed extended mandates being passed in Parliament, and then back to Canberra to cover the second massive swell for "Get to Canberra Round Two."

I can only do this for the people with support from the people. You have all been wonderfully awesome with previous support and there is certainly no expectation to support every single venture, but I reach out all the same.

I have only been able to cover the recent six months with support from good people such as yourself. It's been an amazing journey and was only possible with legends such as you.

I'll head north from Canberra today and see what lays ahead on this mysterious adventure. I expect misery, shocking stories, goodwill stories, a very interesting few days in Brisbane and then after a long drive back to Canberra, another epic gathering of Australians standing up for the kids who currently have no voice.

Go strong and go brave!


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