How do you place your fork and knife when you are done eating? Do you know how to communicate your pleasure or displeasure using just utensils? This week's E-Learning Challenge tasked learning designers with sharing an interactive example that teaches learners how to set a table. My goal was to create an interaction that involves the audience through passive learning. By shifting the goal to storytelling, I wanted to communicate the lesson without overwhelming the learner. Luckily, Vyond let me quickly create simple animations and GIFs.

The tricky part was adding interactions in Storyline. I got around it by using multiple slides and layers. By using transparent shapes, I was able to call attention to the interactive elements on the slide. In the end, the interaction is self-paced. Learners are able to choose their own paths.

The project ends with a drag-and-drop interaction that tests the learner's knowledge. You can check out the interaction for yourself. Bon Apetit!

Utensil Etiquette: