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Laidle Update: QR Code Grocery List

Laidle Update: QR Code Grocery List

Jun 02, 2021

Over this weekend and memorial day I spent some time throwing together some new functionality for Laidle!

I've been running tests and making small bug fixes non stop, this made me really want to implement something new and fresh.

I added a some functionality to generate a QR code when the user generates the grocery list from selected recipes. This QR code will change on the fly if the user edits the generated grocery list also. I figured this would be a nice way to simply snap the code with a QR code reader app and avoid getting out a pen and paper. This also makes the grocery list easier to share if you are grocery shopping with others!

In my research, I found QR codes have a couple of different limitations. This functionality would work much better with a corresponding Laidle phone app. The user could get the grocery list and check boxes to cross off items in app as they are shopping. I really like this idea but I'll leave something like that as a future possibility. For now, this works just fine for me!

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