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Weekend Update: Grocery Shopping With La ...

Weekend Update: Grocery Shopping With Laidle

May 08, 2021

I'm finally at a point where I'm using the Laidle generated grocery list to go shopping! It helped me create a fairly clean list with a click of a button.

Normally I would have used multiple note pad pages because I'm not sure if I can fit everything on 1 sheet but Laidle categorizes the food for me so all I need to do is copy the information down.

📧 VS 📝
I'm also brainstorming how I could give an option for Laidle to send the user an email of the grocery list. This would be for people that don't want to write a recipe list with pen and paper.

One of my favorite aspects so far is the fact that Laidle saves recipes. This allows you to mix and match recipes from past weeks in order to get a quick grocery list for amazing meals! 👨‍🍳

More updates to come next week!

Thanks for reading!

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