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Weekend Update: Trial and Error

Weekend Update: Trial and Error

May 23, 2021

I've finally gotten to the half way mark on my Laidle version 1.0 testing!

So far that is 50 recipes in total from 5 different food/recipe websites. I've done tons of testing as part of my development but this time I'm grabbing from a wide variety of recipes and recording any issues that I want to fix for Laidle 1.0

A lot of problems have been uncovered in this testing, so it has definitely been worth it!

Here is the list of websites ive officially covered so far:






Now that I'm halfway through testing, I'm going to address some of the issues I've come across and then start testing the next 5 websites.

Lesson Learned

Its difficult to test something as complicated as Laidle and see errors and "failures". Once I have the results all recorded its much easier to see what systematic issues are lurking rather than fixing little one off bugs. I just need to keep pushing and making progress. I'm sure I can get this to a point where its working reasonable well.

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