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I'm Sandriejkov, a digital artist, who loves fantasy, elves and chocolate. Mainly. 

✨Who's Sandriejkov?

I'm a lot of things. I'm an artist, I'm a gamer (addict), I'm a mom, I'm me! I love cats, rats, baking, cooking, doing creative stuff and exploring new things! I'm ultra shy, but I love meeting new people! It's always an inspiring experience. We're so different after all!

✨Supporting me?

With your love and support I will be able to make my dreams come true and open a print/sticker/original art stuff shop! My head is full of ideas, and I really love sharing the part of me with you, getting your feedback in return. So thank you form the very bottom of my heart for any support and chocolates! 🤗


I do take commissions! If you're interested with commissioning me, please leave a comment/message/contact me on whatever social media I have! 🤗

✨Social Medias?

You can find all the links to my social medias here!