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"The death of a beautiful woman is, unquestionably, the most poetical topic in the world". This is a quote by Edgar Allan Poe. Since my late childhood (Bond Girls:-) I discovered that a scenic female demise in fiction (films, comics) is something which turns me on. Some years ago I learned to use DAZ Studio for creating graphic novels in 3-dimensional-art (cgi). That is for me the way to express my kink, to act out my erotic death-fantasy fetish. And to tell stories that are emerging in my mind.
Since I was a child I was very much into the genre of Science Fiction. Dreams of a better world, the technological progresses to ease the problems of everyday life and/or the society, but also to explore new worlds with new hazards to be met. Star Trek and Space:1999 were my beloved tv-series when I grew up.
In a science fiction setting one can easily change the role of women. Why shouldn´t they then be in militias, wearing kinky and sexy uniforms and fight in battles and die a sexy death? Everything is possible. Hey - it´s the future, you never know how the future is going to be. How fashion changes for instance. All those hot fantasy uniforms in various films and tv-series...
So I think the science fiction genre is somehow predestinated to be a good genre for the deadskirt-fetish: sexy women who are dying in erotic manner. So this is what I want to express with my stories. Telling a plot, telling adventures and developing my characters and creating different story lines and so on. But also to let women die in erotic style.

Another passion for me is wayfaring. Either long distance paths or just a day or two. Walking through mountains, forests, passed lakes and rivers - that is a certain kind of meditation, a certain kind of prayer for me. It helps me relaxing and keeping on with everything...


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