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ANGEL CORPS: Caroline´s Way - Advertisem ...

ANGEL CORPS: Caroline´s Way - Advertisement

Dec 05, 2021

When next year shall still be new and cold, I will begin to publish a new graphic novel. ANGEL CORPS: Caroline´s Way will be the title. The adventures of Caroline Desfontaines, a young woman serving in the mobile infantry of the all-female militia, will be told. Follow Caroline´s Way

Details about everyday life of the Angels, intense feelings, tragic losses, trainings, one-night stands, love stories, dangerous missions, casualities, holodeck adventures, battles, meaningful talks, chit chats, many other things and – last but not least – beautiful women going through erotic death-fantasies created by my mind. So why not following Caroline´s Way

This visual story will be an epic long serial which is going to be submitted solely in a private album at my account on For a small and reasonable amount of money – just to be paid once – you can be a fellow traveller on my journey to explore Caroline´s Way until the end…

More details to come…

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