Another teaser of my upcoming science fiction graphic novel ANGEL CORPS: Caroline´s Way which is going to be published exclusively on a private album at ArtUntamed. The story is evolving to a longer tale (approx. 220 images - I suppose), the developing of the characters and the plot is more in focus than permanent action sequences. But there shall be enough delight for readers who are looking for erotic death-fantasies, unconsciousness scenes and some erotic depictions of sexual relations. But don´t forget to read the texts for entirely delving into the story;-)

On Wednesday, the 2nd of February, 2022 the first batch will be submitted. For now there is just the cover page. Weekly on a Wednesday I will release the next four or five images of my serial graphic novel. I would be very delighted for every single one of you who´d like to be a member of my private album and follow me on my journey of the creation process of the novel. But how to be part of it?

I´ve decided to charge a single payment of 10€ for this graphic novel. So if you are interested and want to support me in my pastime passion, then go to Caroline´s Way and make a one-time donation of 10 Euros via credit card, Apple Pay or PayPal. Having done this, contact me on ArtUntamed and I will happily share my private album with you. Can´t wait meeting you!