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Learn Flutter getting started with Basic Widgets to Fetching Data from Internet using API, using Firebase Database and hosting app to web all from scratch step by step.

  • DAY 1 : Build a Flutter News App with NewsApi Org

Let's start day 1 with learning how to use Api with a flutter app by creating a news application which will fetch news multiple sources via

Here is the source code:

  • DAY 2 : Build a Flutter Firebase Blog App

So how was building the News App yesterday, today we will learn about databases specifically firebase

It's one of most popular database and its totally free to get started so lets learn.

These are the following updates in the packages

Updated repo :

  • StorageReference -> Reference

  • StorageUploadTask -> UploadTask

  • Firestore -> FirebaseFirestore

  • getDocuments -> get

  • blogSnapshot.documents ->

  • DAY 3 : Build a Wallpaper App with Flutter

Do you use default wallpaper in you mobile most probably not we all like to use custom images well today we are going to make wallpaper app where we will be able to browse wallpaper by search and categories or the explore page.

So let's dive in.

Watch on Youtube :

Source code :

  • DAY 4 : Build Chat App with Flutter & FIrebase Firestore

For chatting do you use Messenger, whatsapp, telegram, wechat..etc well we love chatting being able to instantly message and reply is a amazing thing connecting people all over the world

So today let's build a chat app with flutter and firebase.

Watch on Youtube :

Source code:

  • DAY 5 : Build ToDo Web App Made with Flutter & Firebase

Do you know we can build web apps with flutter well let's make that reality, Today we will learn how to build a todo web app with Flutter and firebase.

Watch on Youtube :

Source code :

Thanks for going through this bootcamp if you have completed them all, 🤚hy fi, you are awesome i can share as much as possible but at the end to learn you have to take action

Now since you have all these projects done time to build a portfolio site and present these all.

Watch on Youtube :