Hi again! Seeing as my page isn't fully set up at the moment and I'm still quite new to this, I'd like to share some goals with you so you can know what to expect--or at least hope for--in the near future. I'll be updating this post as needed and hopefully checking things off this list as quickly as possible! To be perfectly honest, I wasn't expecting this to take off so I thought I'd have more time!!! As always, though, you guys are just incredible and really surprised me with the amount of interest and support I've received and I hope you know how deeply I appreciate it!

My goals for this page + rough timelines:

  • Get a P.O. box to be able to receive mail from you, as I do have an Amazon wishlist where I've saved some lingerie pieces so that supporters can, if they choose, decide what I wear in my videos! I put items that I'm comfortable with on the list, but am definitely open to exploring new things! Thanks to your support, the P.O. box should be able to happen within the week! - DONE!

  • Post tiered content on a regular schedule: grey and white on the 1st of the month, black on the 15th, and purple on the 30th. I think with how my body can be unpredictable, it would be in my best interest to make my videos ahead of time such that they're ready to go!

  • Post extra content; I specified tiered content above because I do hope/plan to be posting more than what the membership states, but those videos will be posted more or less at random for now and will depend on how my body and technology and schedule cooperate! I do, however, hope for the membership content to serve as a baseline/minimum.

  • Come up with some content ideas, and this is where I'll likely need the most input from you guys! I've QUITE new to making videos like this, and I would love to hear what you'd like to see to give me some direction while I get on my feet! That said, I will be looking at what other members of the community are doing and get a feel for it there. I do want to keep things fresh and interesting and exciting, so that'll take some serious brainstorming! Any ideas are welcome and appreciated!

  • Hash out the extras, including details, pricing, timelines, etc.

Aaaaand yeah, those are my goals for now! As always, thank you SO MUCH and I'll see you soon! We have a purple video dropping today ;)