I have so much to tell you about guitars and pedals.

Firstly, why have I set my coffee price to $4? Because a cup of coffee at my favourite coffee bar is legitimately $4AUD. If you feel like I've created something that you've found valuable, I'd be so happy to drink a cup of coffee that you've bought me as a thank you.

Straight up I'm offering Logic Pro X troubleshooting help (I can probably assist with older versions too but get in touch before you pay/book). I'm also creating ambient tracks for films. Or any other reason- podcasts, relaxation videos on YouTube. Anything that requires original music. You can check out my current works on my YouTube.

Let's create a community and a place where we can help each other. I'll be adding exclusive subscriber content on this platform, and once that's ready I will invite you to join me!

For now, keep in touch via my YouTube channel or Instagrams: Sarah E Howson and @sarahehowson @whiteteesonlyofficial