Buy sarahmoule a coffee


Hey 👋 I just created a page here.  You can now buy me a coffee!  I am starting work, with pianist and composer Simon Wallace, on a new album.  

If you'd like to become a monthly supporter (one coffee every month will do it) I'd be delighted to send you my latest album, Stormy Emotions, either as a signed hard copy or as a download.   It came out in spring 2021 and had a ton of rave reviews across the board from The Observer and The Sunday Times to an interview in Rock N Reel.  You can have a look at them on my website.

There's info about all 5 of my albums and the Landesman/Wallace Songbook Vol 1 there and all my gig dates coming up too!  You can hear tracks on and buy downloads or whole albums as a hard copy there too.

We've made loads of live videos and they can be seen on my youtube channel, where you're also able to Subscribe. 

Thanks for getting involved and maybe we'll see you on a live gig or at a livestream.  Let's connect on Twitter and Facebook too while we're at it!