Success is inevitable once you spend more time with people who bring out the best in you

- Sarvam Fating

In my opinion, the only person who brings out the best in me is Myself!

Here are a few reasons why :

  • I consume content daily — blogs, podcasts, videos

  • I make sure to write at least 200 words every day

  • I feel frustrated on some days and energetic on other days

  • I spend every afternoon watching a Netflix movie

  • I work out and maintain my health regularly

  • I read a book every day for 30 mins

Notice how I spend more time with myself to keep myself happy and healthy, both mentally and physically?

I am a content writer and consuming content daily is a part of my routine.

Similarly, spending time on things that let me relax is part of my routine as well. These include streaming Netflix shows, gaming and reading books.

Everything I’ve listed above is “Progress” for me.

Progress that’ll soon compound into something productive.

Here’s why I realized that I bring out the best in me — A year ago, I was going through a difficult phase in life.

I wasn’t concerned about my well-being and made several bad choices that made me go down the rabbit hole of extreme guilt.

The only person who took me out of it was myself.

I started learning new skills, implemented them and started making money.

I learned marketing from scratch and leveraged Youtube and Blogs as resources.

I started spending more time with myself, understanding what I wanted, what worked for me and what didn’t.

I was constantly upskilling myself. I still am. For me, “Success” is Growth on a daily basis. Learning something new is what defines “Growth” for me.