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Pomodor is a progressive web app made to keep you focused. You can use it inside the browser or install it via the browser as an app.


Pomodor - Focus on What Matters!

Pomodor is a simple app, whose purpose is to help you focus on what really matters! It is based on a time management method called The Pomodoro Technique. Use Pomodor to break down your work into sessions, label them, and get a notification when the each session is over. You can also customize the timer and have an insight into the statistics — find out how much time you spent focused on your work, on which days of the week you were the most productive and exactly how much time you have spent on each label.

Key features

⚙️ Customize times and number of rounds
🏷 Labels
📈 Stats overview
📊 Charts that can show you which days of the week you were the most productive and what you've been working on
🔔 Show notifications (optional)
⏰ Show timer in tab title (optional)
🌙 Dark mode (optional)
♻️ Data syncing
📶 ❌ Offline support
🌐 Install via browser

Why Should You Donate?

If Pomodor adds any value to your life, you might consider donation. By donating you are helping me to invest more time into improving the app. Also, I would smile more often. 😄

You Can Contribute via GitHub!

Remember, this is an open-source app. You can make pull requests, open some issues and code shame me if you want. 🤷‍♂️