70th Miss Universe Post Preliminary Revi ...

70th Miss Universe Post Preliminary Review

Dec 11, 2021

Hi everyone, here's our YouTube live video with our pageant colleague, Marc Sobhrajani, and our discussions on the standouts of the Miss Universe preliminary competition...

Some additional points we want to mention:

  1. The entire production was flawless but lacked energy.

  2. Majority of the girls seemed to lack training in walking.

  3. Love the swimsuit and shoe designs this year. They looked beautiful on the candidates, althouth preferred jewel tones for the swimsuit designs.

  4. Will not rely too much on the swimsuit and gown performances as the close-door interviews carry more weight.

  5. We think that 2-4 of the frontrunners will not make it past the first cut this year.

Let us know what you thought of the preliminary competition below...

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