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Hi there! I’m Scott – I’m the DIYer behind Saws on Skates®. My goal is to prove you don’t need a giant workshop to build quality DIY projects.

About Saws on Skates

Saws on Skates® specializes in space-saving workshop ideas, problem-solving tool tips and clever building plans for DIYers with limited workspace who want to increase their DIY knowledge, improve their skills and make their small workshop a more enjoyable place to build.

Each week I share an email newsletter loaded with free building plans, helpful pocket hole tricks, space-saving workshop ideas, clever tool tips, plus much more.


I've received an outpouring of messages from readers who are grateful for all of the free tips, tricks and building plans. Many of the messages end by asking, "How can I support Saws on Skates?"

This "buy me a coffee" page was set up in response to those messages.

Thank you for your support. I'm truly touched by your generosity.

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hi and thanks from uk

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love spending time reviewing your information and actually going to attempt these cabinets! thanks much! keep it coming!

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