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Were you ever that sixth grader standing in the cafeteria unsure where to sit, self-consciously holding your tray, looking around for a friendly face? Saya was. And too often that friendly face never materialized. It was a lonely, devastating feeling that she felt repeatedly. Now as a forty-something far removed from the literal cafeteria, she witnesses adults waiting for the “Oh thank god" wave over — Saya decided to become the wave.

Called “Accessible Oprah,” Saya is an Evanston, Illinois native, Montessori and Boston College graduate, and Chicago resident. Since being fired in 2004, she’s been blissfully self-employed via her lifestyle business Mac & Cheese Productions℠. Mac & Cheese creates spaces that build connection: to others, to opportunities, to self. From in-person events to online experiences to physical products to 1 on 1 services to resources, Mac & Cheese offers individuals and groups avenues to growth, fulfillment, & community.