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So, you came to karaoke, drank a couple of glasses and ready to sing, the next day you saw your video published by you at Instagram and oh God!!!! How can I delete it? 

 Or, you are a professional singer, had a great performance for some time, but then something happens to your voice, it cracks, sounds weird, you are coughing constantly when you begin to belt or transition between registers is not good or you just wanna try yourself in another style? 

 Or you sing only in the shouwer or car and enjoy a lot of singing and would like to sing somewhere for somebody but freaking scared to sing alone?
Or you are a proud bride/groom to be, and wanna make a wedding song and make all guests jaw dropping and your husband/wife fall in love with you one more time again?

Or you are hearing all the time from your mom that you are tone deaf and you have to only scream from the toilet “busy” and you will never sing, but you, desperately wanna organize a band and sing there and scream like a hell and not to lose your voice already at the first rehearsal?

 Or maybe you are a teacher in school or university or fitness trainer or presenter and after every lesson, training, presentation, you are experiencing voice tiredness and you have to recover for a couple of days…

Or, you would like to write your very first song and do not know where to begin, or you already write songs and need some supervision, second opinion or you stack at the middle of the process and need advice? Then you are also at the correct place.

 Recognized yourself in any of these situations? Then you are at the right place!

 We do lessons custom tailored for your needs in our studio in Rotterdam, we build the voice from the scratch, make it sounding better, stronger and healthier. We help to learn your voice ability and understand the potential of it. We are encouraging you to search for new sounds, go to the stage, go to the professional stage, publish that perfectly sung song from karaoke to instagram. We help to make your guests at the wedding or birthday speechless after hearing your singing. We make you happier, more confident and stronger from lesson to the lesson with the sound of your voice which you are getting. But we also, decided to pull out this page to share with you the most efficient and great working tips and exercises if case if you would like to improve some particular issues of your voice or can't come to the lessons or manage online lessons, but will have some time to practice just with our videos.

 Stay with us, follow our videos and articles, practice and we would be appreciate for any feedback from you, critic, your videos with results, or just questions and request for the help.

 And all these work obviously can live from your donations and we will be appreciate for them.

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