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👉 Each day I post 'probable' tips on the page, they come with highest odds on the market available as well as a percentage. 

👉 You can use the selections however you may like, all I provide are individual selections that you can use at your own disposal to bet on Singles, Doubles or whatever takes your fancy.

👉 The percentage is calculated by the confidence of the bet landing, this being based off my algorithm and key statistics.

👉 The algorithm finds the appropriate games for each list using statistics and trends from the past 5-20 games. I evaluate each selection to find the best each day.

🔹️ = 75%+
🔸️ = 74% or less
👉 The higher the percentage, the more confident I am of the selection landing but I have no instructions on how much you place on the selection, that is up to you.

👉 If you ever have any questions, feel free to DM me on Twitter @sandile_eu, I'm happy to answer any queries.