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New Year, New… Sticker Club?

Jan 01, 2022

How’s it going, people? It’s been awhile.

No, I haven’t forgotten about you. Like so many other people, I’ve been caught up in the whirlwind that is December—and it looks like 2022 is poised to bring even more changes than the last year. To which I say: 

Bring it on.

But first, some sad news: the Scatterbrain Studios Sticker Club is no longer going to be hosted on Buy Me a Coffee.

As some of you already know, BMAC is no longer accepting payments via PayPal. And since I’m based in Taiwan, this makes it pretty much impossible for me to host the sticker club on their platform anymore. (Don’t worry, sticker club members: you’re still getting all the sticker mail you’ve already paid for!)

I’m pretty bummed about this news—I really like the Buy Me a Coffee platform and all of the unique features they’ve made available to creators. 

But the sticker club must live on!

So, in order to keep the fun going, I’ve decided to launch a brand-new Patreon page for Scatterbrain Studios! 

There you’ll find a lot of the fun stuff you know and love from Buy Me A Coffee—digital downloads, blog posts, and (of course) the Scatterbrain Sticker Club. But I’m also taking this as an opportunity to give all of those things a makeover, and add some other fun stuff, too.

In the spirit of “new year, new me,” the membership tiers on Patreon will be a little different than the ones I’ve had on Buy Me A Coffee. And I want you to help me decide what that will look like.

That’s why, for my first public post on Patreon, I’ve created a poll for you guys to vote on the membership benefits you want to see! Of course some of my favorites will be there no matter what—but I wanted to ask what else I can offer you guys. 

Do you want merch or art prints sent to your door? Do you want livestreams or digital downloads or behind-the-scenes footage or voting powers to decide what I’m gonna make next? Do you want all of the above, or something totally different? Let me know!

You can find the brand-new Patreon page right here.

It’s still in its early stages, but you can get a sneak peek at what’s in store and stay up-to-date on everything that’s coming next. 

In the meantime, the sticker club will be taking a short hiatus—hopefully just for this month—while I get my ducks in a row. Once I have everything up and running, I’ll reach out again with instructions on how to get started on your new membership. For now, you can let your old one on BMAC expire (I think you’ve all gotten a weird email about it by now…) and I’ll still send your sticker mail!

More updates to come—but I hope your 2021 has wrapped up with joy and gratitude and plenty of rest, and that your 2022 is looking bright. Happy New Year, fellow Scatterbrains!



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