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Hello there 👋 How are you today? Thank you for visiting this page!

I am very passionate about dancing and preserving dance heritage. With my project Scéalta Damhsa, I aim to collect and preserve dance stories for the future - to honour the dancers and keep them in memory, to preserve important dance culture, and to give a platform for researchers and interested people to learn and explore.

I am an independent researcher and am not affiliated to any organisation nor party. I put all this work and effort into Scéalta Damhsa because I believe it will be highly important for future generations to have access to this valuable data. This takes a lot of time and effort - to prepare the interviews, get in touch with the interviewees, travel to meet them, work on the post production, keep the website running and updated etc... I love what I do, and I spend my savings into the realisation of this project.

If you like this project and what I do, feel free to support me here by buying me a coffee - any help is most appreciated and will contribute into keeping me going and getting those interviews cracking :-) If you can't support me by buying me a coffee, support me by spreading the word around or suggesting people you think I should interview. In any case - I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support!



Scéalta Damhsa is launching Let's Talk! in July 2020 - a new project offering a platform for interested people to discuss dance-related topics over a Zoom gathering. Anyone interested is welcome to join in. It's all about sharing, learning, and growing. Donations for this project will be split 50% and shared with the guest speaker of the month. More information for this project can be found on the Scéalta Damhsa facebook page.

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For the past few :) Thanks so much for doing these!!

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Thank you again! I look forward to attending these great discussions each month!

Thank you so, so much for your constant support Christina, you're so good to Scéalta Damhsa, I very much appreciate your kindness <3

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Thank you very much! x

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Thank you Shirleigh - I hope you'll enjoy the second chapter :-)

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Much appreciation and thanks to you - it means a lot <3