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Our podcast, 'Happiness, A Sceptics Guide' was created to inform, entertain and hopefully offer tips to improve mental health and wellbeing for all. We started it for our own amusement and for personal goals. We'd talked about doing something for a while, but the timing never seemed to be quite right. It aims to help people navigate the confusing landscape of the wellbeing and self-help industries and 'sift the science from the snake oil' to offer tips for what can make us a little happier. We are committed to this journey and hope you appreciate our efforts.

The enterprise comes with some costs in both time and money and it would be lovely if you could show a small gesture of support and 'buy us a coffee'. All gifts will go towards running costs and hopefully to developing it. And should we break-even' we'd look to to donating the surplus to some mental health charities. 

Very best wishes

Paul and Gary