We've had several people reach out asking how we intend to deliver the magazine once the first issue is released. We have asked ourselves this same question many times over the past two months. We have looked into hosting the magazine on a dedicated website, offering it through platforms such as PayHip, making it a subscription-based newsletter, among other things. Then we discovered Buy Me a Coffee platform.

While this not 100% set in stone since we have not uploaded any type of downloads yet, our plan is to host the magazine as a digital download through our Buy Me a Coffee platform. The type of file the magazine will be offered will depend largely on what this platform will allow. Our initial plan is to offer it as a PDF document and both a ePub and Mobi (Kindle) file. If this platform does not support all those file types, we will upload as many as it supports, and will link the magazine's PayHip account in order to offer additional file formats if needed.

As we have mentioned, the magazine will always be free to read. However, in an effort to fund this project, we will only keep the latest issue free. Once the next issue comes out the back issue will become a buy-only issue at $1/issue. Your $5/month membership will get you free access to all back issues without an extra charge, which is another great reason to become a Sci-Fan member!

Thanks to everyone who has already shown interest and support in this new endeavor. Our first issue is shaping up to include a lot of fun articles, photos, and exciting short stories.


the Sci-Fan crew