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(Ebook) Miltan Epsilon: Book 1 of the Jazz Healy, Reunion Series


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Do you love reading fast-paced, high-tech science fiction adventures that cross galaxies but still maintain a tight focus on the struggles, relationships and growth of the main characters? If so, you've come to exactly the right place!

Buy me a coffee today and I'll gift you books 2 & 3 of the Jazz Healy, Reunion Series. Book 1, Miltan Epsilon, is already available for free here and at all good ebook retailers. Too, supporters have exclusive access to Jazz Healy's origin story, The Parmethon Caper!

But hey, if you're not in a position to be a supporter that's all good! 😃 There's plenty of free content here that you can access, including my short stories Orion's Belt and Mandarin Alley, plus blog posts and background Jazz Healy content. Please look around and enjoy yourself!

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