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Hi I'm Bryan, an outdoor enthusiast currently attempting to climb all Munros* in Scotland amongst exploring new places and testing new equipment to find my perfect set-up (when not in lockdown), along with my trusted companion...Sid!  

I left the Army in 2014 after a fifteen year career and still have a strong passion for the outdoors, exploration and continuing to practice skills I learned.  My aim is to document my travels through social media while learning some new skills and sharing those that I know.

By buying me a coffee you will actively be supporting my journey around Scotland to do these hikes and giving me a much needed caffeine boost for those early morning starts.

You can be assured, any support from this page will be put directly to buying those essential coffee hits (and maybe a slice of cake, or doggie treat) to help fuel Sid and I on our travels.

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*For those who don't know what a Munro is, it is a mountain over 3,000ft (914m) in height and Scotland has 282 of them!

Currently I have climbed 7 out of 282 (as of July 2020).